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Alpacas -  Breeders - Haute-Vienne

We are Yvonne Gardner (le chef) and Nigel Ashton (her minion) who decided in 2008 that we quite fancied entering the wonderful world of alpaca ownership following a visit to a summer 'open day' at an alpaca breeder living near us in the beautiful Meon Valley in Hampshire.

Having been enchanted by these creatures we signed up for some courses with them and needless to say felt an irresistible urge to evict some moths from the wallet and buy into this lifestyle. We started with three geldings (castrated boys), one pregnant female and an older non breeding female with a few health issues for us to learn from!

As tends to happen in life one thing leads to another and slowly more alpacas started to appear in our rented fields as more breeding females were purchased and babies (called Cria, Spanish for creation) were born......damn, I think we're hooked now!