Bonheur Tuppence, born on the same day as Blaze in 2015 they have just celebrated their first birthday, lots of cake and ice cream.......oh, ok, perhaps just some nice juicy carrots and apples followed by a desert of succulent hay then!

   Her colouring is right on the border between dark fawn and light brown, depending on the light at the time!.......either way it is a lovely fleece with true depth of character and fineness. She carries grey genetics from her mother (Katya) and from her grandfather Ardingly so we hope for some grey offspring from her in the future.

  • Born: 01/08/2015            Colour: Dark Fawn
  • Sire: Bonheur Jacques    Grand Sire: Meon Valley Ardingly
  • Dam: Bonheur Katla       Grand Sire:  Collabear Issac

 2016 Fibre Stats by AAFT.
     Mic: 21.9     SD: 5.9      CV: 26.9     CF: 90.5%