PRIDDY DAISY  - 2,300€ + TVA

Daisy is a very calm and easy going female, a joy to work with when nail clipping or vaccinating which is a trait she has passed down to her 7 offspring (Fillé, Elianne, Cassis, Sparrow, Harper and Brody and Picard) 

  • Born: 17/7/2008         Colour: Light Brown
  • Sire:  Great House Lucky (Becks)       Grand Sire: Chilano of Cammall
  • Dam: Priddy Annie                               Grand Sire: June Farm Oakley Romeo

2018 Fibre Stats by AAFT.
Mic: 26.8      SD: 5.9      CV: 22.1       CF: 76.2%



Tasha is a good breeding female and has given us six female cria and one male to date. Her first two were both 'rose grey' colour having been covered by a grey stud.

  • Born: 23/05/2007                 Colour: Brown
  • Sire: Moorfields Francis      Grand Sire: Moorfields Billy
  • Dam: Nunnery Ninette       Grand Sire: Aztec Dream

2018 Fibre stats by Fibre Lab.& Co
Mic: 29.3      SD: 4.9     CF: 64.6%



Blaze is one of our up and coming star girls, with a superb temperament, passed down from her mum and grandmother. Another attentive mother who had her first cria last year, a cracking fawn fancy boy. She has a super light fawn fleece which is a joy to work with. She is pregnant, due in June.

  • Born: 01/08/15                Colour: Light Fawn
  • Sire: Arunvale Inverno           Grand Sire: Arunvale Future Dream
  • Dam: Bonheur File D'Or    Grand Sire: Meon Valley Goldrush

 2018 Fibre Stats by AAFT.
Mic: 22.0      SD: 4.3      CV: 19.4       CF: 96.0%



Celeste is what one would call a 'character', from the moment she was born she has always been the first to rush over to check out something, be it a tractor entering 'Her' field or someone passing by, she will be straight across to greet you to see what is going on!    She has given us two fine male cria and is currently expecting in June '18.

  • Born: 13/06/12                Colour: Dark Brown
  • Sire: Bozedown Kazzan          Grand Sire: Thunder of Bozedown
  • Dam:  Nunnery Natasha    Grand Sire: Moorfields Francis

2018 Fibre Stats by AAFT.
Mic: 24.7    SD: 4.1     CV: 16.7       CF: 90.8%



If you are looking for a good solid Suri female then Lacota fits the bill. At five years old she is in her prime and she gave us a lovely female cria last year, Terra, who came second in the junior class at the 2018 Bordelas Alpaca show.

  • Born: 22/05/13                      Colour: Solid White
  • Sire: Raja            Grand Sire: Fussion
  • Dam: Dream Catcher     Grand Sire: Paco

 2018 Fibre Stats by AAFT.
 Mic: 25.7     SD: 4.6     CV: 18.3     CF: 87.4%



Bonheur Jorja has great conformation, meaning a good structure, solidly built, looking how an alpaca should look, this is inherited from her father Jacques. She is pregnant and due her first cria this summer.

  • Born: 19/10/2015                Colour: Brown
  • Sire: Bonheur Jacques           Grand Sire: Meon Valley Ardingly
  • Dam: Bonheur Fille de l'Air    Grand Sire: Meon Valley Ardingly

 2018 Fibre Stats by AAFT.
Mic: 23.1      SD: 4.8      CV: 20.9       CF: 92.1%


BONHEUR MIA - 1,600€ + TVA

Mia is the fourth daughter from our top grey girl, Cassis and so far is showing the family trait of a calm, unflapable personality. Debut has passed on his good conformation and fleece qualities so she should grow into a lovely breeding female. She is sold not pregnant.

  • Born: 02/07/17                Colour: Black
  • Sire: Inca Debut          Grand Sire: Lillyfield Jack of Spades
  • Dam: Bonheur Cassis    Grand Sire: Meon Valley Ardingly

 2018 Fibre Stats by AAFT.
Mic: 20.4      SD: 4.3      CV: 21.2      CF: 97.5%



Annie was our first born cria back in 2009 and has given us a good mix of cria boys & girls over the years and will continue to do so for many years yet. She is an attentive mother and has a lovely calm character.

  • Born: 29/06/2009                     Colour: Rose Grey
  • Sire: Nunnery Terrance             Grand Sire: Lord Nelson
  • Dam: Nunnery Natasha     Grand Sire: Moorfields Francis

 2018 Fibre Stats by AAFT.
 Mic: 28.5     SD: 5.8      CV: 20.3     CF: 65.7%



Bonheur Katniss is a very tall, well built young girl, the sixth female cria from her mother Natasha. She has a lovely fine black fleece with good staple length. She is pregnant and expecting in August.

  • Born: 05/06/2016                Colour: True Black
  • Sire: Inca Debut            Grand Sire: Lillyfield Jack of Spades
  • Dam: Nunnery Natasha    Grand Sire: Moorfields Francis

 2018 Fibre Stats by AAFT.
Mic: 20.4      SD: 3.8      CV: 18.8      CF: 98.5%