PRIDDY DAISY  - 2,300€ + TVA

Daisy is a very calm and easy going female, a joy to work with when nail clipping or vaccinating which is a trait she has passed down to her 7 offspring (Fillé, Elianne, Cassis, Sparrow, Harper and Brody and Picard) 

  • Born: 17/7/2008         Colour: Light Brown
  • Sire:  Great House Lucky (Becks)       Grand Sire: Chilano of Cammall
  • Dam: Priddy Annie                               Grand Sire: June Farm Oakley Romeo

2017 Fibre stats by Fibre Lab.&Co
Mic.: 24    SD: 4.2      CF: 92.9%



Tasha is a good breeding female and has given us six female cria and one male to date. Her first two were both 'rose grey' colour having been covered by a grey stud.

  • Born: 23/05/2007                 Colour: Brown
  • Sire: Moorfields Francis      Grand Sire: Moorfields Billy
  • Dam: Nunnery Ninette       Grand Sire: Aztec Dream

2017 Fibre stats by Fibre Lab.& Co
Mic: 29.3      SD: 4.9     CF: 64.6%



Bonheur Amelia, 2015 daughter of our white stud Collabear Issac and black mum Dorothy (Dabbs). Another lovely temperament and easy to handle alpaca, she won second prize junior brown at St.Laurent de Chamousset 2016 show. She has a full, rich, well structured fibre and we expect good things from her in the future.

  • Born: 14/06/2015                Colour: Mid Brown
  • Sire: Collabear Issac           Grand Sire: Collabear Albert
  • Dam: Mullacott Dorothy    Grand Sire: Cuzco of Bozedown

 2017 Fibre stats by Fibre Lab.& Co
     Mic: 23    SD: 4.3        CF: 94.7%