Raw after shearing for you to spin as you wish

Processed into pelotes and echeveau to use directly

Hats, scarves gloves & mittens from this lustrous fibre

We are also excited to have a new range of products to offer sourced direct from Peru, home of the alpaca



Alpaca wool and fleeces for sale - Limousin

The Alpaca balls of wool examples are in Fawn, Grey and Heather. We also sell the Alpaca raw fibre directly from the alpaca for hand spinning, felting or using as filling for cushions, pillows, duvets etc. Looking at the parted grey fleece of Tortuga, a rose grey colour. Note the shine and crimp of the fibre (squiggles) As Alpaca fibre contains no lanolin, unlike sheep, it is hypoallergenic.

Filly's fawn fleece on the table being 'skirted', preparing for spinning. We sell fleece by the kilo like this, premium quality being the blanket, seconds being the neck and top of legs and thirds used mostly for felting and stuffing. Prices for raw fibre are dependant on the quality of the fleece and weight.

We are very pleased to announce that we are now breeding the rarer and much sought-after Suri alpaca
alongside our successful herd of Huacaya's
Suri alpacas for sale alongside our Huacaya's on the "Sales pages".

Please contact us for further details and availability of products.