Introduction Course

We offer a 1/2 day introduction to alpacas course, covering what they are, their history, why we keep them and why might you want to have them as well, we will endeavour to answer all your questions and give you the chance to meet them in their farm environment, up close and personal. We will also give you a short introduction into their fibre production and the possibilities that they can provide.

Cost is:  35€ per person   or  55€ per couple,     including refreshments.


Husbandry Course

The husbandry course is the next step up from the basic introduction and lasts a full day,covering in more detail day to day handling of alpacas, nutrition and health needs, vaccinations, field maintenance and requirements, breeding, showing and hands on experience with the animals.

Cost is:  70€ per person   or     110€ per couple,  including lunch and refreshments.

Please contact us for availability of courses.